Terms & Conditions

Please read and understand our conditions of service.

  1. All pets must have current vaccination certificates:
    Dogs: Combo 5 = Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis, Adenovirus-2, Para influenza / Canine Cough = Bordetella
    Cats: Felocell3 = Herpesvirus-1, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia
  2. All pets left in the care of Four Foot Lodge (FFL) must be healthy, clean and with no signs of any communicable illness/diseases or pests.
  3. The 1st day will be charged as a full day regardless the check-in-time.
    The last day will be charged half if out by 10.00 AM – full day after 10.00 AM. FFL accept Eftpos, cash, and internet banking.
  4. All days booked will be charged during public or school holidays, irrespective of late delivery or early collection. No special discounts during school & public holidays.
  5. Cancellations: We charge a percentage of the value of the booking as a cancellation fee, based on the time of cancellation. For a booking outside the school & public holidays – 50%, if cancelled within 48 hours before arrival. For a booking during the school & public holidays – 100%, if cancelled within 7 days before arrival. The deposit is non-refundable.
  6. Bookings made for the period between the 19th of December and the 7th of February and long-term bookings must be confirmed with a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount within 14 working days or the booking will be revoked. Final payment is charged at delivery or collection depending on the circumstances.
  7. Customers are asked to adhere to the opening times for delivery and collection of their pets. We charge an extra fee for out of hour appointments, based on $ 37.50 announced and unannounced interruptions during these documented times.
  8. In the event that an animal becomes unwell, or becomes injured, I (the owner) give the proprietors (FFL) and their staff authority to seek and respond to, at my expense, any and all veterinary treatment deemed necessary, including all transport costs. FFL will use its own vet for emergency veterinarian attention and treatment. FFL staff can administer special care and attention or medication, however this is at the owners own risk.
  9. FFL can not take responsibility for any loss, physical or property damage, accident, injury, illness or death, however caused during their stay or out of compound walk. All extra costs for services or damage rendered will be billed direct to the owner. FFL are not responsible in any way for dogs that jump fences and gates.
  10. You will be held liable should your pet cause any damage, injury or death to another dog, staff member, visitor or property of FFL. Dogs that damage property or profusely dig or chew may be refused accommodation and customers charged for any damage incurred.
  11. DOGS only: Due to noise complaints we have to refuse persistent barkers and howlers. FFL retain the right to use other, animal friendly methods to control barking nuisance.
  12. Owners are invited to visit FFL in advance of their bookings. At the time of booking the owner must point out any issues that they are not happy with, other wise it is assumed they are happy with the service and facilities provided.
  13. Complaints should be made in writing to Krista de Blauw (manager) within one week of the booking. Krista will personally deal with the complaint within seven days of receiving it.
  14. Rates and policies are subject to change without notice; it is advised that customers check changes at each booking.
  15. FFL retains the right to refuse any pets on the day of delivery, make changes to their booking or accommodation and/or fees where necessary.
  16. Animals remaining at Four Foot Lodge Boarding Kennel after 7 days of the nominated collection date, without any contact from the pet’s owner or agent, will be classed as abandoned and removed at our discretion. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure that they communicate any unexpected delays to us. Any outstanding accounts, including the collection costs, are payable by you, the owner, within 7 days of receiving our invoice. If these costs are not paid, legal proceedings will commence without further notice.
  17. Signing your pets profile or confirmation form will bind you to the conditions of service laid out by Four Foot Lodge. Please ensure you keep yourselves up-dated with changes at the time of each new booking.

Thank you for taking the time to read these conditions of service.

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