Grooming & Hygiene


Our aim is to have the facilities clean at all times!

The hygiene of Four Foot Lodge is of a high standard.
We scrub and disinfect all the dog and cat facilities daily or more if necessary. The bedding gets aired during the day and will be washed if dirty. Pets that stay for longer periods of time get their bedding washed weekly.
The feed, water bowls and cat litter trays are cleaned daily or more if necessary.

The exercise gardens get cleaned 2-3 times daily to assure a clean play environment and fresh water is provided.

Your dog can even be bathed and groomed before he or she goes home, looking clean and tidy and smelling nice and fresh.

A professional full groom with stripping and clipping is possible at request.


It’s all for the comfort and convenience of the dog!

Krista is a skilled, qualified, dog-friendly groomer, with running her own Grooming Centre for 25 years; she is experienced in grooming a large variety of breeds.

She also manages to groom “problem dogs” and after a few sessions they become much easier to maintain!

We provide grooming services for your dog(s) that need to be combed, clipped, hand stripped or just tidied up.

Remember, your dog does not need to be a show dog to be groomed! A cross with longer hair is much easier to keep nice, tidy and clean at home when it is being groomed regularly.
And your dog will love to look like a puppy again!

It is also possible to have your dog bathed before he or she goes home, looking tidy and smelling nice and fresh.

It takes the stress out of doing it yourself in your own bathroom, getting wetter than the dog and having hair and water all trough your house.
Less brushing and combing, no de-matting, less shedding… that’s all for the convenience of the owner.



Grooming, stripping, brushing, model clipping
and de-matting / per hour


Bathing Small Dog


Bathing Medium Dog


Bathing Large Dog




Per dog




Anal glands



Ear pluck/clean





We are responsible, dedicated and passionate about the welfare of all animals

and we know how to take care of them and give your pet(s)
"A pleasant stay, while you are away!"