Dog Walks & Playtime

Dog Walks

We can take your dog out in our large deer fenced fields, or for fun bushwalks near the river across the road for an extra fee.

At the river they can enjoy playing, running, some sniffing time and last but not least a nice swim for dogs that are allowed and capable to do so.

Your dog will love it and we always enjoy the quality one on one time with your dog to give them some extra attention and cuddles!

Dog Walk Rates

Two Dogs

One Dog

Dog walks based on 30 minutes



Dog Playtime:

Your dog will enjoy heaps of exercise while staying at Four Foot Lodge!

We don’t like locking them up, they will only be in their kennel at feeding time, for a little nap and at night time .

We have eight spacious gardens with safe, high fencing and with trees that provide shade during warm and sunny weather.

We like to have the dogs outside in the gardens as long as possible; they will be exercised for 6-7 hours during the day, depending on the weather, with an afternoon rest of 3 hours.

We always try to mix the dogs in social groups, according to temperament, size and age to socialize, play or just relax in the sun.

When your dog is not socialized or has special needs, we can keep them on their own in one of the gardens.

For an extra fee we can take your dog for a walk to the river where they can enjoy some time in a new environment and get some one on one time. If your dog enjoys swimming they can do so as well.

And while they are here why not book them in for a bath and take home a tired, happy and clean pet?


We are responsible, dedicated and passionate about the welfare of all animals

and we know how to take care of them and give your pet(s)
"A pleasant stay, while you are away!"